Myanmar Movies

Do movies actually do anything at all besides provide entertainment? For plenty of reasons, the film industry is highly famous for creating movies all for the sake of making a few bucks in the box office. Films rarely do much than cover surface level themes, which is another factor that could be a reason for the total rain drain’ that the film industry is facing. Be this as it may, there is a new player in the business that could change this –the new and improved culture of bringing back Myanmar movies.

History of Myanmar Cinema

Myanmar cinema is thought to be traced all the way back to the 1910’s. A certain Ohn Maung was recorded as the first person ever to produce and direct a silent documentary-like film. Maung since earned his title of Burmese father of cinema. He also went on to found the Burma Film Company and has sold many scenes to Fox of America; which is how Burma cinema rose to fame. In 1988, Burma was subject to many protests, riots and political upsets, which Burma movies also took inspiration from. Due to its widespread and uncontrollable influence, the government took it upon themselves to privatize and heavily censor the content of Burmese and Myanmar cinema. This put the industry at a risk of being washed out completely.

The Rise of Myanmar Cinema

Myanmar Movies
Myanmar Movies

Right after World War II, the film industry boomed with new content and movies coming out almost every week. The fall of the country into a socialist led government however, caused the industry to significantly decline in influence –putting a cap into what could’ve been the start of amazing cinema. Regardless, this previous Burmese “Golden Age” before the censorship has since been rekindled by many efforts around the country. For instance, the Pyinsa Rasa art space opening early this year. This space features an impressive collection of vintage film equipment, posters, old film and reels and much more memorabilia from Myanmar’s Golden Age. The founders of this art space have but two aims –to preserve the filmmaking and cinematography of Burma as well as educate and breed a brand new generation of creators, producers, writers, directors and actors that would continue on this legacy. The founders of Pyinsa Rasa understand that although modern digital tech has made it easier for films to be produced, the same influence in the Golden Age has much room to grow in the 21st century.

Cinemas of Myanmar

In it’s prime years, Myanmar had over 400 cinemas. Now, only 50 or so are still standing –albeit poorly maintained. Businessmen and many other film enthusiasts are currently undertaking the job of bringing glory back to the cinemas of Myanmar; starting with a good place people can go to enjoy Burma movies! This particular group of enthusiasts are dedicated to bringing to life the 00 cinema project’ to rebuild the the country’s network of modern, comfortable and glorious cinemas once again.

Although a whole lot of efforts are in the way, little can be done to replicate Myanmar’s Golden Age. It was a time when the industry was bursting with ideas, unmatched creatives and heartwarming plot lines that was viewed far and wide across the globe. However, Myanmar movie enthusiasts are working to introduce a remodeled and fresh perspective –so stay tuned, because it’s about to be amazing!

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